Mission Gagillapur

Gagillapur is an Indian “village” with a population of about 8,000 inhabitants on the outskirts of Hyderabad in the Telangana state. Hörmann acquired the major door manufacturer Shakti Met-Door here read more

Successful Golfers

The golfers of the Bielefeld golf club have been quite successful. Their uniqueness has (practically) become an integral part of the local sporting scene. The North-Rhine Westphalia golf training centre of the club has been officially recognised by the Special Olympics. Successful “mixed” tournaments are held. The golfers also achieved top results in the World Games for individuals with intellectual disabilities in Beijing (2007), Athens (2011) and Atlanta (2015).  Read more

“Moses” for Lithuania

Various institutions and experts are co-operating to set up a nationwide professional epilepsy consulting centre in Lithuania, initiated by the Caritas in Kaunas. Dr Polina Sediene is the committed and experienced director of the project. The Hörmann Group is involved by supporting the production of professional information material.  Read more

Learning in Myanmar

Partnerschaft mit Myanmar

Young Burmese men and women, holding a high school diploma that qualifies them for university entrance, attend six-month training courses in which they receive advanced skills in dressmaking, horticulture, and ecological management.   Read more